Advertising with Facebook


You may have noticed the large volume of people who use facebook on a daily basis. This fact alone, is the reason most people turn to Facebook when they have a great business venture and they are trying to get it out there and let people know that they are in the market. Facebook is an incredibally diverse place where people of all religions, cultures, ages, and places around the world. Which makes targeting on Facebook easy because even if you get extremely specific with your targeting you’ll still attract enough of an audience to make a good amount of money off what you’re aelling (given you know how to sell). Now it’s time to get into the Facebook advertising fundimentals, tricks and tips that will assist you in creating the ultimate campaign.

First off Facebook gives you many choices to pick fro in terms of your objective of your campaign. Some of the options are sending people to your website (affiliates sale page if that’s your area), increasing conversion on your website, promoting your page, claiming a specific offer, or even getting views on a video of yours. Each campaign will be accustomed to what you choose here.

facebook-ads-logo-doneFinding your target audience on Facebook is incredible because you get an abundance of options to choose from. The can pick a minimum and a maximum age limit, a certain gender and even a specific relationship status (married, single, it’s complicated etc.). This makes it great for extremely targeted marketing because you can get really specific and still have a decently large audience because of how large the Facebook community is.

They offer a tool that is known as a “conversion pixel” which helps you a lot if you’re looking to track the progress and performance of a landing page for your email list. It tells you how many people did the call to action and how many people didn’t giving you a accurate conversion rate.

Once you’ve establish pricing and such, you’re campaign should be good to go. Facebook monitors performance of each Ad (assuming you made more than 1 type of ad [which you should]). This helps you see which ads are performing the best and which ones you hit thee “cancel” button on, so you aren’t spending money for nothing.

Facebook is extremely respectful and appreciative of the community who advertises on it. They show it by decrease the CPC if they see the performance of your ad is doing great. They like to see that you know what you’re doing and rewarding you.

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