Making money with PPC


To many people, making money with pay per click advertising is unrealistic, unheard of and maybe even impossible. This is entirely due to the fact they’re often times not even trying to make money with PPC. They’re trying to gain awareness and receive traffic to their website. If what you trying to do is make money with your pay per click campaign and try your best to do so with the information you’re given, then hands down, you’ll be able to make some cash off pay per click advertising. All it takes is some time and for you to take action.

If you make your very own pay per click service where people can put their advertisements on your website, then you are able to set your very own price for people to pay for each click. Your website = your rates and people have to respect that. With that being said, having PPC advertisements on your site will generate what most people like to call “passive income”. It means you’ll have money coming in by simply just sitting down or even when you’re away from your computer which (which is by far one of the best feelings in the world).

imagesThere are websites that offer products/services that allow you to create PPC on your own website and it’s not extremely difficult to follow. It acts sort of like an extension/ add-on to your website where you can edit how much people pay, the duration, if the Ad is inappropriate etc.

You don’t want to over price your clicks especially if the person knows how much clicks are worth. You’re best off asking the person if they are currently doing any other PPC with people and to see how much they pay. Of course you can declare you’re are worth more for whatever reason you wish, you just better hope they believe it.

As you can see, having your own PPC running on your site will grant you a lot more freedom than if Google were to do it. You have a lot more say in what happens. A way to utilize this technic and gain what I like to call “free traffic” you can use Facebook to direct people to your site using a PPC campaign, and then use your PPC on your site to send people to other people’s site. The cost for Facebook’s PPC will cancel out the money you get for other people paying for click, resulting in steady flow of free traffic.



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